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Hot Coffee the Movie

This is a link to the trailer and interviews regarding Hot Coffee the Movie by Susan Saladoff. A must see for everyone.

Mc Donalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit, ‘Hot Coffee’ the movie made by Susan Saladoff

This blog describes the myths about the American ‘claim culture’.
The documentary “Hot Coffee”, made by Susan Saladoff, takes a candid look at the American legal system. Starring four people whose lives have been devastated by their inability to petition the courts for redress and how corporations spent millions of dollars to protect its interests. The selected cases she are a representation of how people are giving up their rights to the court system in the USA and they don’t even know it.

New: European Law Institute

On 1 June 2011 a conference took place in Paris to launch the new European Law Institute.

The Institute is an independent non-profit organisation, which will help improve legal consistency in Europe by providing practical advice to policymakers and authorities.

According to the press release the Institute will:

evaluate and stimulate the development of EU law, legal policy, and practice;
make proposals for the further development of the body of EU law and for the enhancement of EU law implementation by the Member States;
identify and analyse legal developments in areas within the competence of Member States that are relevant at the EU level;
study EU approaches regarding international law and enhance the role EU law could play globally, for instance in drafting international instruments or model rules;
conduct and facilitate pan-European research, such as drafting, evaluating and improving principles and rules that are common to the European legal systems;
provide a forum for jurists – academics, judges, lawyers and other legal professionals – from different legal traditions to hold discussions

Its seat will be in Vienna, Austria.