About Antoinette Collignon

Antoinette Collignon specializes in international personal injury and negligence cases, including cross border traffic accidents, international accidents at work and product liability, and aviation cases, working closely with lawyers throughout Europe and the United States.  She has extensive knowledge of private international law.  In 1997, she co-founded the Pan European organization for personal injury lawyers (PEOPIL), and was its first Dutch (as well as first female) president from June 2009 –  September 2013. Antoinette is a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars of the PEOPIL and other international organizations. She regularly writes articles and teaches at SDU, Kerkebosch, Magna Charta and Legalplanet. Antoinette`s partner in Legaltree`s liability law practice group is Carolien van Weering.
Specialties: cross border personal injury cases, cross border road traffic accidents, accidents at work, private international law, aviation cases.

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