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Fundamental rights in Europe. Information on new website of EC justice

All information regarding fundamental rights in the EU can be found on this revamped website of EC Justice.

EU website with legislation and information on road transport

This website contains a list of links to regulations and information on carriage of goods, carriage of passengers, employment and working conditions and road safety.

European Charter of Patients’ Rights

The European Charter of Patients’ Rights was drafted in 2002 by Active Citizenship Network in collaboration with 12 citizens’ organizations from different EU countries.

In the charter you will find 14 patients’ rights that together aim to guarantee a “high level of human health protection”. It also aims to assure the high quality of services provided by the various national health services in Europe.

The 14 rights are an embodiment of fundamental rights. As such, they must be recognised and respected in every country.

According to the website of active citizenship the Charter applies to all individuals. It also recognises the fact that differences, such as age, gender, religion, socio-economic status etc., may influence individual health care needs.

Dutch International Private Law

This is a link to the European Commissions Judicial Network, which contains relevant information on Dutch International Private Law. You can find information on sources of law, the application of rules of conflict, and the rules of conflict.

Information for Consumers in the EU

Article 169 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union aims to safeguard the health, safety and interests of consumers. The European Policy promotes consumers’ rights to information and education, and their right to organise in order to defend their interests. This website contains relevant links for consumers.