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Cross-border cases. Why it is important to decide in early stage where to bring your case.

Many products and services originate from abroad, involving cross-border transport. If damage is sustained as a result of a traffic accident, the question arises if, where and against which party a liability suit may be initiated. The same applies for defective products and services. There are different ways of conducting litigation, collecting and assessing evidence,  limitation periods and the ways in which these are to be interrupted. In addition there are huge differences between the ways in which the merits of a case are judged.

In some countries it is possible to demand damages for surviving dependants, whereas such is not possible in the Netherlands. Damages and the way these are determined also vary from country to country. Furthermore court proceedings vary and costs of lawyers are assessed in a different way.

For all these reasons it is essential to decide at a very early stage before which court a case is to be brought and which law is to be applied.

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Mc Donalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit, ‘Hot Coffee’ the movie made by Susan Saladoff

This blog describes the myths about the American ‘claim culture’.
The documentary “Hot Coffee”, made by Susan Saladoff, takes a candid look at the American legal system. Starring four people whose lives have been devastated by their inability to petition the courts for redress and how corporations spent millions of dollars to protect its interests. The selected cases she are a representation of how people are giving up their rights to the court system in the USA and they don’t even know it.